GREG & LORI // 12.20.23

Our Approach

At Dream Team, we love to say “Systems produce predictable results,” and our results speak for themselves. Our Dream Team system combines three decades of our personal experience and over 300 years of cumulative experience from our Dream Team leaders. With this approach, we’ve created a rapidly growing team with over 80,000 members. We provide comprehensive training on collaboration, leadership, relationship marketing skills, and what it takes to succeed as a network marketer.


There’s power in people. To us, network marketing is really relationship building. We work with you personally to develop the skills to make meaningful connections that produce results.


Our approach emphasizes scalability as a cornerstone of success. By providing resources and support, we empower our team members to grow in an efficient but sustainable way.


It can be easy to second-guess network marketing or taking on a new challenge. But we guide our team members through a proven system and framework to ensure long-term success and stability.


Like our name suggests, dreams are central to who we are. We believe in fighting for what’s most important and making our own financial freedom. We are here to help you get after your dreams.


Someone with Work Ethic, Hunger, Integrity, and Personal Power. You’ve gotten this far, but do you have what it takes to be a top earner? Take the quiz to see if you have a WHIP mentality.

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What words best describe you?
If you could take home a guaranteed 10,000 dollars today or flip a coin for a million dollars, what would you choose?
When you play a board game with friends or family, what kind of a player are you?
Do you like to plan out your week or go with the flow?
What would be the highlight of your year?
You’re at a party and the only person you know has to leave early. What do you do?
In high school, you would have been voted most likely to…
What keeps you up at night?
What’s your biggest motivation in your career?
What’s your ideal leadership style?
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GREG & LORI // 12.20.23

Sell your Authentic Self

“You’re not selling a company. You’re selling you. Be your authentic self. Your vibe will attract your tribe. Take the leap and join the Dream Team. You won’t regret it!”

-Lori Ferraro